Exams information

Exam Information April 2020

 Dear Parents and Carers Years 11, 12 and  13 

We have now received more information from the government about the awarding of grades for GCSEs, BTEC, AS Levels and A Levels and, as promised, I would like to share this with you. Please find below all the relevant links to the OFQUAL and UCAS guidance given to schools, students, parents and carers.

The school will now take the time, after the Spring Holiday, to fully review this information and prepare our system and procedures for submitting provisional grades along with the required evidence to the exam boards. These provisional grades will then be subject to moderation by the exam boards and OFQUAL. 

Please download the exam letter sent to parents below

Exam Letter April 2020

Exams Information for Candidates

Please find below some important documents from JCQ in relation to external exams.

All candidates should familiarise themselves with the information contained in these documents. 

BWHS Appeals against Internal Assessments
Information for candidates - Coursework 19-20
Information for candidates - NEA 19-20
Information for candidates - Privacy Notice
Information for candidates - JCQ Social Media
Information for candidates - written exams
Information for candidates - onscreen tests