Is Geography the subject for you?

Geography teaches us about the fascinating and fast changing world in which we live. Geographers also acquire a vast range of valuable skills, such as: map reading; spatial awareness; problem solving; data analysis; the ability to consider other viewpoints; decision making; team work; environmental awareness; computer skills and essay writing. It is for these reasons that the majority of geographers go on to further study and employment.

Course content

  • In Year 12 students study rivers and flood management, coastal environments, population change, health issues and geographical skills.
  • In Year 13 students study plate tectonics, globalisation and development and world cities.

Methods of study

Geography is also a varied and exciting subject that offers the chance to learn through the use of maps, videos, fieldwork, photographs and data, as well as text.

How will it be examined?

AS qualification will count towards the final grade of an A Level (Legacy).

Career opportunities

Geography graduates are extremely employable thanks to the range of skills they develop. Geographers are able to balance the use of statistics, numerical data and ICT with written and oral reports and group work. Possible careers include; environmental science, consultancy, surveying, town planning, aid work overseas, travel and tourism, meteorology, architecture, law and teaching.