(Personal, Social, and Health Education)

Overview and ethos

Every student in Key Stage 3 and 4 has one PSHE Education lesson per week taught by their tutor. In these lessons, tutors work with and observe the personal and social development of the students in their tutor group: the close relationship developed between tutors and students is a crucial one. Through group discussion and a range of learning activities, students are enabled to develop their understanding of a range of personal and social issues relevant to their age.

Bentley Wood High School’s PSHE Education programme has been carefully designed to meet both statutory requirement and the individual needs of our students. Whilst there is no final examination, each lesson is designed to empower students to make positive choices in all aspects of their lives.

The general objectives of the Bentley Wood PSHE Education programme are as follows:

  • To empower all students to confidently make decisions based on their own values;
  • To promote a tolerant and cohesive school community;
  • To enable students to become responsible and respectful citizens;
  • To create a personal point of contact between every student and their tutor;
  • To equip students to manage personal, social and economic risk;
  • To ensure students have the information required to lead healthy, successful lives;
  • To foster positive attitudes to life-long learning;
  • To prepare students for employment and further education.

Curriculum content at Key Stage 3

Students study a range of subjects under three main headings: living in the wider world; health and wellbeing and relationships. A range of learning activities are used to deliver content, but the emphasis is on active learning strategies such as discussion and debate, case studies, role-play and simulations.