Computer Science

Course Aims:

The Computer Science course at Bentley Wood aims to develop computational thinking and help students apply that thinking to solve problems practically using programming and other skills. Through a range of exciting, relevant and challenging topics we ensure that every student has the opportunity to really push themselves and find out more about how computers work.
We have a large focus on the programming in Key Stage 3 and our students use Kodu, Scratch and Small Basic to create games. We also promote creativity amongst our students and have a range of topics that allow them to produce animations, videos and edit images using the Adobe Photoshop.

Year 7

  • Topic 1: Introduction to the school network including school email, use of OneDrive and accessing the network at home
  • Topic 2: Using Computers safely, effectively and responsibly
  • Topic 3: Creating computer games with Kodu
  • Topic 4: How computers work
  • Topic 5: Creating games with Scratch
  • Topic 6: Image editing with Photoshop

Year 8

  • Topic 1: Using the Micro:bit to explore physical computing
  • Topic 2: Exploring and understanding the dangers of cyber crime
  • Topic 3: Programming with Small Basic
  • Topic 4: How computers and networks work
  • Topic 5: Designing apps for Android
  • Topic 6: Creating and editing videos

Trips and visits:

External visitors come from a range of large companies including Google who have demonstrated a virtual reality trip around the world (and through space!) We also actively partake in Digital Day where students work on a range of computer-based activities, equipping our students with core life skills including teamwork and problem solving.

Co-curricular activities:

  • Building machines that emulate humans: Using everyday materials to create artificial hands which can mimic real hands
  • Drone club: Programming drones to synchronize and dance to music
  • Coding club: Learning how to code
  • Key skills club: Learning key skills needed to be successful when using computers

Key Stage 4 & 5 / Career Progression:

Key Stage 3 computing develops the core skills essential to progress onto GCSE Computer Science which in turn this lays the foundation for A-Level Computer Science. There are countless career opportunities in Computer Science including engineering, robotics, medicine, physics, maths and many that do not even exist yet!

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