Art & Design

Course Aims:

Students build on their experiences of Art & Design by improving their practical and critical skills and extending their knowledge of materials, processes and practices. Students actively engaging with the experience of working with a broad range of media including traditional and new technologies in order to develop into critical and reflective thinkers. Art & Design is taught through a series of projects which relate to a particular theme. The theme will usually last for one term and each project will focus on one particular skill or technique. Students will develop a cultural knowledge, understanding and application of art, craft, design and media and technologies in historical and contemporary contexts. During Key Stage 3 students work with a wide variety of 2D and three 3D media, including drawing, painting, photography, ICT image manipulation, printmaking, collage, wire and paper sculpture, ceramics and papier mache.

Course Content:

Year 7

Autumn Term - Formal Elements of Art & Design
Students explore the formal elements of Art & Design such as line, tone, shape and form through a range of media and techniques including painting drawing and collage. Artists explored include the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists.

Spring Term - Self Image
This project is based around portraiture. Students are taught to draw the face in proportion through observation. Artists explored include early renaissance paintings through to the celebrity based Pop Art where students produce a contemporary outcome influenced by celebrity culture.

Summer Term - Cultural symbols and motifs
Students look at a variety of cultures including the Mayan and Aztecs to understand the importance of symbols to their history and lives. The outcomes are produced in clay as students develop relief skills in a variety of media.

Year 8

Autumn Term & Spring Term Objects and Viewpoints
This project begins with students learning to draw objects and still lives from observation. They are then introduced to new ways of looking and recording through the work of the cubist artists such as Picasso and Braque.

Final outcome is a mixed media piece demonstrating learning of key cubist concepts.

Spring Term & Summer Term Landscapes
The appreciation landscape art is a relatively recent phenomenon. Until the 17th century landscape was confined to the background of paintings dealing with other subjects. Today, landscape is a major theme in art with many artists using documentary techniques such as video and photography to explore the ways we relate to the places we live.

From this learning students will then develop their understanding of the landscape genre looking at contemporary themes and artists.

Co-curricular activities:

We offer a range of Art clubs after school and during lunch time. Students continue with the work from the lesson or develop individual interests. Activities include painting, ceramics, drawing, sculpture and print making.

Key Stage 4 & 5 / Career Progression:

Art & Design and Graphic Communication are offered at GCSE with A Level Fine Art offered in the Sixth Form. Developing Art & Design skills at KS3 is vital for pursuing any ‘art’ related subject at GCSE, A Level and BTEC, such as Textile Design, Graphic Communication and Photography. This has the potential to then lead on to degree and to a wide range of careers.

Recommended Reading:

Numerous art publications are held in the school library, art department and local library. Students are encouraged to read magazine articles (e.g. in Sunday supplements) and keep these. The Internet is also a valuable resource for researching well known artists.