Sixth Form enjoy outdoor activities at PGL

To kick start the summer, the Sixth Form students spent a weekend away PGL in Bawdsey Manor, Suffolk. It was a stunning adventure centre, located directly on the coast and we took part in a series of thrilling outdoor activities including the trapeze and the giant Swing! The trip was a chance for us to have a short break away and begin to wind down before the hectic year ahead. It also allowed us to bond and interact in a memorable way. Not only was it fun but the trip enabled us - and our teachers, to conquer our fears be it of heights, climbing or shooting arrows!

We were the eldest students there but this meant that we had even more fun spending time with the incredible activity leaders who made our trip even more unforgettable! Some activities required team work and clear communication in order to run smoothly, for example the Giant Swing, where we all had to pull a rope lifting the two members of our groups into the air – which was more difficult than it sounds and left us fully worn out for the problem solving activity ahead!
PGL has been one of the many highlights this year and will never be forgotten. A special thanks to our Sixth Form team for arranging and being part of such an amazing adventure!

Rasika and Aysha 13JORw

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