Elevate Educate programme for Year 12

Year 12 had an opportunity to attend Study Sensei programme on Tuesday 1st November. Elevate Education run their study skills programmes for Year 12 students in order to help them change their mindsets in approaching exams and study skills. Elevate’s study skills workshops and seminars are designed to achieve behavioural change amongst students. It is not enough that students simply understand what they need to do in their study: the challenge in any study skills programme is getting students to use and apply the skills they learn. Elevate gets students using the skills from its seminars and workshops by using an integrated process that works.

The Study Sensei seminar covers:

  • Utilising the syllabus to frame study
  • Structuring and reviewing organised notes
  • Conceptual learning to develop deep understanding
  • Utilising practice exam papers
  • Standing out through independent learning

Year 12 students’ feedback was extremely positive and many said they had learnt valuable skills to help them with their future studies.