Bentley wood high school ensures that online safety is given a high profile with all students and parents, this is done through a number of methods including, an annual online safety evening. Parents attend the meeting at the school and are presented to by members of the school’s safeguarding team, local police and senior leaders. Numerous assemblies are also held within school to address online safety and potential dangers of using the internet. Additionally and as a part of the schools PSHCE curriculum, students receive age appropriate online safety guidance.

We are proud of the work we do in collaboration with our pupils and have a dedicated student led team of digital leaders, who are involved in various aspects of the schools’ online safety strategies, they support with producing materials, supporting at parents evenings as well as providing peer to support in line with our wider values of CARE.

IT Policy May 2018

Some helpful websites which offer support to staying safe online:


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The Digital 5 A Day provides a simple framework that reflects the concerns of parents/ carers as well as children’s behaviours and needs. It can also act as a base for family agreements about internet and digital device use throughout both the holidays and term time.

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