GCSE Results 2017

Bentley Wood High School are celebrating again, with
the fantastic GCSE results students have achieved.

GCSE results 2017
27% of all GCSE grades awarded were A*/A/9-7 grades
72% achieved grades 9-4 in English and mathematics

Year 11 students are enjoying a strong set of results which are above results nationally. 2017 sees the introduction of new GCSEs in English and maths, students have achieved some exceptional outcomes in these new GCSEs.

Students are to be congratulated on their hard work and determination, in the face of all the challenges these new exams presented. Students excelled particularly in English where 40% of students achieved grades 7-9 against 18.8% nationally, and 91% achieved grades 4-9 (72% nationally).

The results achieved in maths also surpassed national results by 14%. Students are looking forward to continuing their A level study at Bentley Wood Sixth Form next year.

2 2303


7xA* 1xA 2x9 1x8

Toni Tobi-Lawal

4xA* 3xA 1x6 2x7

 2 2300

Hemlata achieved

3xA* 4xA 1xB 1x9
1x8 1x7 grades

 2 2302

Sarah achieved

1xA* 6xA 1xB
2x7 1x9 grades

“We are incredibly proud of our students and delighted that the hard work of the students and staff alike has led to these great achievements. Our school has continued to flourish and build upon excellent results year on year and we are delighted to offer our students such high quality teaching. These results are testament to the hard work and perseverance of our students, staff and parents.

We are overjoyed that the majority will continue at Bentley Wood for their sixth form studies. Equally, we are very proud of all the students have accomplished and their successes are very well deserved.”

Dr Janice Howkins, Headteacher