Is Mathematics the subject for you?

Do you enjoy analysing and solving a problem, to the extent that the challenge of finding a solution involving many logical applications and steps is very satisfying and have a love of algebra? If the answer is yes, then mathematics is definitely the subject for you.

Course content

A series of four Core units covered over 2 years along with a choice of 2 Applied units from Decision, Statistics and Mechanics. When studying pure mathematics at A2 and AS level you will be extending your knowledge of topics such as algebra and trigonometry as well as learning some brand new ideas such as calculus. You will learn to appreciate how these concepts serve as the foundation for other branches of mathematics. One such branch is Statistics. In statistics lessons you will learn to analyse and summarise data in order to draw out statements that describe what the data is all about. In today’s society we are bombarded with information from a variety of sources. The Statistics units will give you the tools to look at this information critically and efficiently. In Mechanics you will learn to apply mathematical calculations to the movement of objects, while Decision helps to improve your logical and reasoning abilities.

Methods of study

Mathematics is a very practical subject; it is not about learning facts or writing essays. You will learn by problem solving, working both independently and in groups, to find the best route to a solution. Use of graphical calculators enhances greatly the approaches to teaching and learning and the quality of students’ involvement, interaction and appreciation for the subject. Communicating in writing and in discussion, using the unique language of mathematics is crucial.

How will it be examined?

AS qualification will count towards the final grade of an A Level (Legacy)

Career opportunities

An AS in Mathematics is very valuable as a supporting subject at A Level and degree level, especially in the sciences and geography, psychology, sociology and, medical courses. A full A level Mathematics is a much sought-after qualification for entry to a wide variety of full time courses at higher education. Mathematics is a very powerful A level to have. The skills developed in mathematics are highly regarded by many universities and employers. Good Mathematics qualifications open the windows of opportunity for a much wider choice of very exciting careers. They could lead to a career in medicine, teaching, accountancy, finance, business, architecture, aeronautics, economics, engineering, meteorology and many more.

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