Is History the subject for you?

If you like to think critically, to argue differing viewpoints and to know that there isn’t always a right answer then History is for you. All we ask is that you are enthusiastic with a positive approach to learning. The current pass rate is 100% and our A2 students last year gained 100% pass grades A-C grades, while our AS students gained 100% pass grades and 90% A—C grades. History is for you if you enjoy learning about the past. To understand the past you will come to a far better understanding of the present.

Course content

‘The focus will be on both Early Modern and Modern history. Component 1 is a Breadth Study and students will investigate The Tudors: England, 1485-1603. Component 2 is a Depth Study and students will investigate Democracy and Nazism: Germany 1918-1945. For students continuing on from GCSE at Bentley Wood, these options give them the opportunity to build on their knowledge and skill at GCSE and ensure success at A level. These will be examined in May 2016 by completing two papers each of two hours and thirty minutes. There is a third component (NEA) which gives students the opportunity to carry out an independent piece of historical research based on either India or Russia over 100 years.’

Methods of study

You will learn how to write clear, well-argued essays and how to organize, present and research. Skills of interpretation and evaluation will be developed throughout the course. You will learn through a variety of teaching methods including role play, video, student presentations study visits and debates. There is even a virtual classroom where you can contribute to a discussion forum and pod cast your ideas!

How will it be examined?

AS qualification will not count towards the final grade of an A Level and be a separate qualification in its own right (Linear).

Career opportunities

History also offers students the opportunity to acquire and improve on many of the key skills which have been identified as a priority for Higher Education after consultation with employers. It may surprise you to learn that historians do, in fact, provide more directors of Britain's leading companies in proportion to the number of graduates than any other subject, outperforming law, science and engineering. History can open doors to a whole range of careers but in particular it suites; research, law, public services, social work, leisure and tourism, marketing, journalism and all forms of media, theatre and film. There are a number of websites and television channels dedicated to History. You may even want to become a History teacher.