Is Chemistry the subject for you?

Chemistry is a fundamental subject for anybody who wants to follow a science career in the future. Chemistry is in everything that we do and everything that we are. If you enjoy experiments, making observations and trying to work out what is going on and more importantly why, then this is the subject for you. You will use and develop powers of critical and imaginative thinking about chemical problems. You will also discover that chemistry makes sense because there are unifying ideas that link together a wide range of facts and how these apply to materials that you use every day.

Course content

The course aims to develop your understanding through a contextual approach. Great emphasis is placed on how chemistry is used and the work that chemists do. The syllabus is very up-to-date and of great relevance to current scientific developments and ideas.

Methods of study

Chemistry lessons are varied and include peer teaching, peer assessment, group work, class discussions (you will be expected to talk and interact), presentations, experimentation and research.

How will it be examined?

AS qualification will not count towards the final grade of an A Level and be a separate qualification in its own right (Linear).

Career opportunities

Students with a qualification in Chemistry are rare so you will always be high on the list of any degree that requires a Chemistry qualification as a prerequisite for the course. What careers could you consider in the future with chemistry? Analytical Chemist, Atmospheric Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Forensic Scientist, Marine Chemist, Developmental Chemist, Nuclear Scientist, Accountant, Doctor, Photographer, Vet, and Patent Attorney – these are just a few! In addition, many employers value the analytical and problem- solving skills that are developed in Chemistry A-level