Examining Board: AQA

All students at Bentley Wood study science. As a science specialist school, we enter all our students for at least double science, and the science department sets the highest expectations for all students. Science courses at KS4 start in Year 9 after a term of lessons focussed on practical and analytical skills and become fully differentiated over time in order to provide every student with an appropriate level of challenge and the greatest possibility of succeeding at KS4. Based on prior achievement, aptitude and enthusiasm for science, students will be allocated to one of two pathways below:

1) Triple Science AQA – Biology, Chemistry & Physics

2) Double Award AQA – Combined Science (Trilogy Route)

All students have the same number of periods allocated to science, which means that science does not figure as an option.

Course Overview and Methods of Assessment

Triple Science – Separate GCSEs for biology, chemistry and physics. All 3 subjects will incorporate scientific skills embedded within.

Combined Science – Comprises a combined approach to biology, physics and chemistry. This course will also carry a practical component which also incorporates scientific skills within.

Textbooks / Recommended Reading

There is additional information including suitable books on the AQA website:

Other recommended reading:

  1. Biology review, physics review or chemistry review (magazines available in the library)
  2. New scientist magazine
  3. A short history of nearly everything. Bill Bryson
  4. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Rebecca Skloot

Further Study / Career Prospects

Triple Science and Combined Science at the higher tier of entry are both academically rigorous and therefore offer a good preparation for those considering studying science at a higher level including A-level and beyond. Bentley Wood offers a comprehensive range of Science A-Levels biology, chemistry and physics, all taught by experienced subject specialists.

BWHS entry requirements for science A-levels are 66 or above in science GCSE, a 6 in maths GCSE and a 5 in english language GCSE.

As well as the more obvious medical or research-based career options, science graduates are highly sought after in industry and the financial and business sectors where their analytical skills are much in demand.