Computer Science

Examining Board: OCR

Aim of Course

This course will help to develop students understanding of current and emerging technologies, understanding of how they work and apply this knowledge and understanding in a range of contexts. Students will acquire some technical skills and an understanding of the use of algorithms in computer programs to solve problems using programming. They will use their knowledge of technology to become independent users of IT and be able to make informed decisions about the use of different technologies. Students will have the chance to develop computer programs to solve problems and develop the skills to work collaboratively. They will also be able to evaluate the effectiveness of computer programs/solutions and the impact of, and issues related to, the use of computer technology in society.


  • The computer systems and algorithms unit will teach students the theory about a wide range of issues such as hardware and software, the representation of data in computer systems, databases, computer communications and networking, programming and more.
  • The programming project will call on students to design code and test a solution to tasks using a suitable programming language.

Method of Assessment

Written Paper Examination: Theory of Computer Science 80%
Controlled Assessment: Programming Project worth 20%

Recommended Reading

GCSE Computer Science for OCR Student Book- by David Waller. We also recommend the following websites to support broader reading:

Key Stage 5 Progression/ Career Prospects
There are many careers in which Computer Science will be valuable including:

  • Games Development
  • Computer Programmer
  • Web Development
  • Robotics
  • App Development
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Development
  • Computer Scientist