We pride ourselves on delivering a curriculum across all key stages that provides for all abilities, challenging the most able and developing skills and talents for all groups of students. Through creative, inspirational teaching our students are able to home in on their strengths and develop skills in areas where they may be less confident. This enables all students to achieve their very best.

Students entering Year 7 follow a common curriculum in all ability groups for the majority of subjects.

Year 7 and Year 8  - Key Stage 3 curriculum overview
English Food, Nutrition and Textiles Art
Mathematics Geography Drama
Science History Music
Computing Two languages in Year 7 and one in Year 8 Philosophy and Religious studies
  • At the end of Year 7 our students choose their Key Stage 4 language.
  • At the end of Year 8 our students choose their options which they study at Key Stage 4.

Your daughter will also study Personal, Social, Citizenship, Health and Economic Education (PSCHEE) once a week with her tutor group. She will also have access to an enriching range of co-curricular clubs and independent careers guidance lessons and events.

‘The curriculum meets the students’ needs extremely well by providing a very wide
range of highly positive experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning.’


After Key Stage 3 the majority of students will study the English Baccalaureate at Key Stage 4. To achieve the English Baccalaureate, students must achieve a grade 4 or above in English, mathematics, science and a chosen humanities and modern foreign language option.

After Key Stage 4 our students move on to our very highly successful Sixth Form where they will study four subjects at AS Level in Year 12 and three subjects in Year 13, after which the majority of the students move on to university.

If you would like more information on our board and balance curriculum please contact Mr Robinson by emailing schooloffice@bentleywood.harrow.sch.uk