Modern Foreign Languages

Course Aims: Our Key Stage 3 courses in languages aim to develop an understanding of the target languages in a variety of contexts, knowledge of the languages and language learning skills. The ability to communicate effectively in the target languages at an elementary and basic level. We also aim to develop an awareness and understanding of countries and communities where the target languages are spoken.

Trips and visits:

There are opportunities to take part in residential trips to France, Germany and Spain during Years 9 or 10 while studying the language for GCSE.

Co-curricular activities:

Students can take part in Inter-form competitions linked to Languages Week and the European Day of Languages. Attend the MFL Café to receive extra support with homework. Attend a target language theatre play in the Hall at 3 different times during the year and the Summer Term Film Club. Meet and make contact with our link schools when they visit Bentley Wood.

Key Stage 4 & 5 / Career Progression:

GCSE and Sixth Form language students have many opportunities to enrich their language learning with co-curricular and work experience like activities.

Occupations with contacts in target language-speaking countries (business, law firms, estate agents, publishers, news and media agencies), bilingual secretarial work, translator, interpreter, teacher, private tuition, tourism and travel (travel agency, courier, tour-operator, airport/airline staff) fashion, catering and the restaurant trade, film industry.

Recommended Reading:

To support your learning of Languages all Year 7 students have a Vocabulary Workbook to follow the course they study. Languages websites such as Linguascope, languagesonline, BBC languages and apps like Memrise and Duolingo are also used to practise vocabulary and grammar on line and in mobile devices.

Year 7

French scheme of learning

  • Unit 1 VIVE LA FRANCE (Introduction)
  • Unit 2 MOI, J’AIME (Leisure)
  • Unit 3 AU COLLEGE (At School)
  • Unit 4 MON COIN DU MONDE (Where I live)

Spanish scheme of learning

  • Unit 1 VAMOS (Introduction to Spanish)
  • Unit 2 EN EL INSTITUTO (School)
  • Unit 3 LA FAMILIA (Family)
  • Unit 4 MI CASA (Home)

German scheme of learning

  • Unit 1a HALLO (Introduction to German)
  • Unit 1b HALLO (Personal details, verbs)
  • Unit 2a DIE SCHULE (subjects and timetable)
  • Unit 2b DIE SCHULE (opinion and time)

Year 8

French scheme of learning

  • Unit 1 MA FAMILLE (My family)
  • Unit 2 TEMPS LIBRE (Free Time)
  • Unit 3 LES SORTIES (Shopping)
  • Unit 4 MANGER ET BOIRE (Food and drink)

Spanish scheme of learning

  • Unit 1 MI PUEBLO (Town)
  • Unit 2 EL TIEMPO LIBRE (Free Time)
  • Unit 3 LA ROPA Y LAS COMPRAS(Shopping)
  • Unit 4 LA COMIDA (Food/Eating out

German scheme of learning

  • Unit 1 DIE SCHULE (School)
  • Unit 2a FAMILIE (Family)
  • Unit 2b FREUNDE/HAUSTIERE (Friends/Pets)
  • Unit 3 FREIZEIT (Free time)