Course Aims:

At Key Stage 3 we aim to captivate students interest for Geography while scaffolding core skills essential for success at GCSE and at A Level. Students discover different places through carefully planned units of learning which explore the human and physical components of the subject. All students build on their knowledge of different processes and concepts within each module, and then apply them to scenarios i.e. learning about the causes of flooding and then comparing the effects of flooding on a UK river (Boscastle).

Course Content:

Year 7 

Glorious Geography
Extreme weather

Year 8

Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Blood Diamonds
The living world and rainforests
Sustainable living /climate change

Trips and visits:

Micro climates (on site study)
Zoo lab (on site visit)
Natural History museum

Co-curricular activities:

Eco club – student investigate local issues and develop projects to help make Bentley Wood High School even more environmentally friendly.

Key Stage 4 & 5 / Career Progression:

All students will study either Geography or History at GCSE, at Key Stage 3 we embed the knowledge and skills for our students to achieve at Key Stage 4 and for those wishing to progress to A Level. Geography opens up many career opportunities including those in the following fields: architecture, conservationism, education, local council, engineering, law, scientific research and development, field studies, flying/piloting, travel and tourism, healthcare etc…. (The scope of the subject allows avenues into many different fields.)

Recommended Reading:

Horrible Geography
Michael Palin’s travel books
Bill Bryson’s novels
The earth from the air
Higher thinking geography