Careers News

Careers and supportive Educational (CasE) Talks

Since September 2017 the Careers Department have organised a programme of Careers and supportive Educational (CasE) Talks for all students here at Bentley Wood High School.

The talks are well received by students and have included a talk from King’s College London on Dentistry, a talk from the University of Cambridge on Applying to the University of Cambridge and a talk from Professor Silvana Tenreyro, from The London School of Economics and Political Science, who gave a talk on Economics as a university subject and as a career path.

Talks on Forensic and Clinical Psychology, Computer Science, Aviation and the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy on the civil service and climate change. Further exciting times lie ahead for the Careers Department as from September 2019, students will have the opportunity to attend further CasE talks from a wide variety of guest speakers.