Mutual Respect

All staff model respectful behaviour towards each other, parents, and pupils. They also model respectful behaviour towards the shared school environment. Staff and pupils are expected to take litter seriously. The Eco-Club, run by memebrs of the Geography and Philosophy Departments, promotes awareness of, and respect for, our beautiful shared environment. (See picture below.)

Displays celebrate student achievement, and the environment is warm and welcoming, a source of pride for members of the school community. Expectations are extremely high for all pupils when it comes to respect – they are expected to behave respectfully towards each other and staff at all times. Rewards and sanctions are developed partly with a view to creating and sustaining a respectful environment.

We run a weekly Debate Club each week in which students respectfully debate a variety of issues, many drawn from current affairs. They learn that we can respectfully disagree and discuss with people who have very different views to our own.