BW Curriculum Statement of Intent

Our curriculum at Bentley Wood is central to everything that we do. We provide an outstanding curriculum that is of the highest quality while being accessible to all students.
We believe our enabling curriculum ensures all students can make progress and achieve and is rooted in our core values of Communication, Achievement, Respect and Empath. Overall it is founded on the principle of gaining knowledge, skills and understanding and using these at each stage of learning through application and evaluation
Through the implementation of the curriculum we ensure that our students are well prepared for life in modern Britain and are aware of how they can make a positive contribution to society and understand their local community.
The curriculum will:

• enable all students to access the content and to make good or better progress through the curriculum

• enable all students to develop their literacy and numeracy skills , at an appropriately challenging level, in all subjects across the curriculum

• specifically highlight reading as a continuous skill development for students of all abilities

• develop students’ oracy skills enabling them to confidently speak and listen with understanding

• be logically organised and sequenced to ensure that components of knowledge lead to conceptual understanding

• provide time for students to practice what they know and deepen their understanding

• be monitored on a half termly basis to check effective implementation and impact on student learning/progress

• reflect the need for intellectual, artistic, spiritual; emotional, social and physical nourishment, focussing on cognitive demand and developing the whole person

The purpose of the curriculum is to:

• reflect the national curriculum and external qualifications to enable students to achieve their best

• provide parity for all groups of students

• engage students promoting their curiosity and intuitiveness to learn and apply their knowledge and skills in different contexts

• challenge all groups of students

The highest expectations for all students to achieve their best underpin curriculum planning. Developing subject knowledge and skills is a key focus for professional development 2018/19 with the aim of teachers and leaders applying this to high quality curriculum planning. Middle leaders play a crucial role in designing the curriculum in their subject areas. They work very closely with senior leaders who are responsible for the overall strategic planning of the curriculum.